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Paver Sealing Services

Protect Your Pavers with Our Sealing Solutions


Paver Cleaning

With the state of the art commercial grade equipment and professional cleaners Paver Protector is able to clean your pavers safe and efficiently.

Polymeric Sand Installation

Over time, all patios will settle, wear and erode. Instead of simply using regular sand to fill in the missing spots between the pavers, build long-lasting beauty into the surface with polymeric sand. If you don’t, much of the sand you put in will wash out after a few heavy rains, and you may see weeds pop through before you finish packing up at the end of the job. Properly sealing paver joints will help ensure better quality for your customers, less maintenance and greater satisfaction at the end of the day.

Paver Sealing

Paver sealers are valuable for protecting the surface of the pavers from the weathering caused by UV rays. UV degradation causes many materials to break down from extended exposure to the sun. While the concrete pavers themselves are highly durable, the colored pigments in the pavers can slowly fade over time, due to the UV ray exposure. Sealing the pavers helps to keep the paver’s colors vibrant even in bright sunlight.